ICCP researchers learn how to use Supercomputer Aleph

On January 16th to 17th, Cray held a supercomputer training for scientists at the IBS Center for Climate Physics (ICCP).  Dr. Muyoung Heo, ICCP’s supercomputing manager, started off the training by introducing ICCP users to the design of the supercomputer Aleph, and it’s the system architecture. Aleph is a liquid-cooled Cray XC50 system which is connected to Lustre parallel file system and a data archive. The training workshop continued with a more in-depth lecture on the usage of the system by Beom-Soo Kim from Cray Korea Inc. The two-day workshop focused on using environment modules, the PBS job scheduler, Cray application level placement scheduler (ALPS), and compilers of GNU, Intel, and Cray.

The workshop was a hands-on training with practice sessions in which ICCP researchers logged into Aleph from their laptops. Ara Koh from Cray Korea Inc. helped ICCP researchers to exercise to login, load modules, compile and submit simple practice codes on Aleph.

In April ICCP will host another basic supercomputer user training that will focus on parallel programming. CESM setting and optimization tutorials for climate researchers will also be held in the middle of April.