Ocean temperatures turbocharge April tornadoes over Great Plains region
Icebergs delay Southern Hemisphere future warming
Paris Agreement does not rule out ice-free Arctic
The East Asian workshop on Climate Dynamics took place
IBS/ICCP Supercomputer Aleph to boost climate research in South Korea
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The IBS Center for Climate Physics (ICCP) is an international climate research center. Our mission is to enhance the understanding of natural climate variability and man-made climate change, and to improve the ability to predict climate impacts on the hydrological cycle, ice-sheets, sea level, and regional processes. ICCP provides basic scientific knowledge on the evolution of the climate system and its environmental and potential economic impacts. This information can help the general public and policymakers in planning, decision making, and in optimizing adaption and mitigation efforts to climate-induced risks.

Featured Scientists

Are you interested in what drives the scientists working and visiting ICCP? Every month we interview someone about their science. This months interview: Interview with Karl Stein, Ph.D.

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