Supercomputer model simulations reveal cause of Neanderthal extinction
ICCP launched a new science outreach program called Korea-Water Isotope Network (K-WIN)
The CESM2 Large Ensemble Community Project launched
ICCP paleo-climate isotope lab completed
ICCP awarded the Prize for Research Accomplishments and PR in Science Field by the Korean Government
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The IBS Center for Climate Physics (ICCP) is an international climate research center. Our mission is to enhance the understanding of natural climate variability and man-made climate change, and to improve the ability to predict climate impacts on the hydrological cycle, ice-sheets, sea level, and regional processes. ICCP provides basic scientific knowledge on the evolution of the climate system and its environmental and potential economic impacts. This information can help the general public and policymakers in planning, decision making, and in optimizing adaption and mitigation efforts to climate-induced risks.

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