Ultra-high-resolution climate simulation project

The ICCP has conducted ultra-high-resolution simulations with the goal of improving our understanding of scale-interactions and key mechanisms leading to climate variability and extreme weather events as well as exploring the sensitivity of the climate system to greenhouse warming.

The Community Earth System Model version 1.2.2 (CESM1.2.2) is employed to perform fully coupled (atmosphere, ocean, land, sea ice, river-runoff) global climate simulations. The atmospheric component is configured with about 25 km horizontal resolution and 30 vertical layers. The horizontal and vertical resolutions of the ocean component is about 0.1 degree and 62 levels, respectively.

Six multi-century experiments with different boundary conditions were conducted:

  1. Pre-industrial run (fixed CO2 concentration of 285 ppm),
  2. Present-day run (fixed CO2 concentration of 367 ppm),
  3. MIS 5e simulation
  4. MIS 5d simulation
  5. Doubling CO2 run (fixed CO2 concentration of 734 ppm),
  6. Quadrupling CO2 run (fixed CO2 concentration of 1468 ppm).

The present-day run was started from a previous high-resolution simulation of Small et al. (2014) and we conducted a 140-year-long control simulation. The doubling and quadrupling CO2 forcing experiments were branched from year 71 of the present-day control run and were integrated for 100 years.

Data output frequency is 6hr, daily, and monthly for the atmosphere, daily and monthly for the land/ocean/sea ice and monthly for the river-runoff. The data amount produced by the model is about 5.3 TB/simulation year.

  • Compset and resolution of CESM:
    • Compset: B_2000_CAM5 (BC5)
    • Resolution: ne120_t12
      • ATM_GRID = ne120np4 (NX_ATM=777602, NY_ATM=1)
      • LND_GRID = ne120np4 (NX_LND=777602, NX_LND=1)
      • ICE_GRID = tx0.1v2 (NX_ICE=3600, NX_ICE=2400)
      • OCN_GRID = tx0.1v2 (NX_OCN=3600, NX_OCN=2400)

Timing, performance and load balancing is available here.


All simulations were run on the IBS supercomputer Aleph (https://ibsclimate.org/research/facilities/aleph-supercomputer/).

Animations of some of the simulation data can be found on https://ibsclimate.org/newsroom/animations/

The ICCP will release the data for collaborative projects. The data requested form is available here.

If you have any questions on this project or data, please contact Dr. Axel Timmermann (timmermann@pusan.ac.kr) or Dr. Sun-Seon Lee (sunseonlee@pusan.ac.kr).


Small, R. J., and Coauthors, 2014: A new synoptic scale resolving global climate simulation using the Community Earth System Model. J. Adv. Model. Earth Syst., 6, 1065–1094