First result from K-WIN Project

As a part of science outreach programs organized by ICCP, Korea-Water Isotope Network (K-WIN) project is moving forward with the cooperation of a total of 6 high schools in Korea. Students have collected rainwater samples at the end of every month and send them back to ICCP. At ICCP the rainwater samples are analyzed in terms of oxygen and hydrogen isotope composition. The first maps of pre-monsoon d18O across South Korea show surprisingly enriched values ranging from -2 to -7 permil. 59 students are currently participating in this project to compile South Korea’s first spatially resolved water isotope climatology. The students attended a series of online lectures on water isotopes and climate, and develop new research and education activities in their classrooms. With the June and July samples being analyzed soon, K-WIN will be able to detect the transition in water isotopes from the pre-monsoon season to the Changma (East Asian summer monsoon) phase.

  1. The (hi)story of Water:
  2. Climatic effects on Water isotopes:
    • Two more lectures will be uploaded soon.
K-WIN team from Incheon Academy of Science and Arts
K-WIN team from Incheon Academy of Science and Arts
K-WIN team from Gyeongsan Science High School