June-Yi Lee receives Scientist of the Year Award from the Korea Science Journalists Association

June-Yi Lee receiving ‘Scientist of the Year’ award at Four Seasons Hotel in Seoul

June-Yi Lee, professor at the IBS Center for Climate Physics (ICCP) at Pusan National University (PNU), received the ‘Scientist of the Year’ award from the Korea Science Journalists Association. Thus award is awarded to four scientists every year for their scientific excellence and contributions to the development of science in Korea. The awardees were nominated by a panel of 31 journalists from the association.

June-Yi led the writing of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) 6th Assessment Report WGI as a coordinating author over the past three and a half years. She also contributed to improving the predictability of natural climate variability.

The award ceremony took place on 26 November 2021 at the Four Seasons Hotel in Seoul.

In 2019, Axel Timmermann, director of IBS Center for Climate Physics (ICCP), also received the ‘Scientist of the Year’ award. Two scientists from ICCP have been recognized by South Korean science journalists. This illustrates the importance of ICCP in communicating science to the general public in South Korea.

ICCP strives to make breakthroughs in understanding our climate system – its past, present, and future, and its interactions with humans. ICCP will continue to provide research that will help the general public as well as policymakers to develop better adaptation strategies to climate-induced risks.