ICCP awarded the Prize for Research Accomplishments and PR in Science Field by the Korean Government

On February 28, the IBS Center for Climate Physics (ICCP) was awarded the prize for research accomplishments and public relations in the field of science and technology by the Korean Ministry of Science and Technology. This award was presented to ICCP in recognition of its outstanding research achievements, namely the recent Nature paper on “Human origins in a southern African paleo-wetland and first migration”. This paper links for the first time human genetic information with paleo-climate data. ICCP was also acknowledged for its continuous efforts to communicate climate research to the general public. ICCP will continue to contribute to the society by increasing public awareness in science and sharing data about the the effects of Global Warming in South Korea. “We are very pleased to be recognized for our interdisciplinary work. ICCP’s mission is to develop new research frontiers and communicate our findings to the Korea people”, said Axel Timmermann, Director of ICCP.

Award Ceremony in Seoul (Middle: Shibo Sim, Head of Division of Policy and Planning of IBS)