IBS Conference on Climate Change and Human Migration

ICCP was the main organizer of the IBS Conference on Climate Change and Human Migration which was held from November 27th to December 1st in the Paradise Hotel in Busan. This conference brought together world-leading experts in climate change, anthropology, archaeology, genetics, food security, social sciences, and climate justice to discuss the issue of climate-induced human migration.

C2HM group photo

The group of scientists discussed how past climate change may have impacted migration corridors of early Homo sapiens and the possibility of various migration waves coming out of Africa. In the light of recent events, droughts and sea-level rise were identified as key culprits for climate-driven displacements. Moreover, Global Warming is likely to reduce global food production, which could provide additional stress for many societies already living at the fringes of food insecurity. Given the global nature of these stresses and the sheer scope of the problem over the next 50-100 years, it is crucial to develop an international legal framework for climate refugees.

The conference, which was attended by about 200 scholars and students, also offered an outreach program for high school students who interview plenary speakers Profs. Thomas Stocker, Peter deMenocal, David Battisti, and June-Yi Lee. Moreover, a press conference was held for journalists from leading newspapers across Korea. As part of the involvement of the German Embassy in Seoul, the IBS Conference also hosted an exhibition on Environment and Conflict.