Axel Timmermann attended 2018 Seoul Climate-Energy Conference

Axel Timmermann, director of IBS Center for Climate Physics (ICCP), was invited to 2018 Seoul Climate-Energy Conference (Seoul CEC) on 16 November organized by KAIST Graduate School of Green Growth and Coalition for Our Common Future.

This year, the main theme of the conference is ‘Hothouse Earth? How to Mobilize the Change for Our Sustainable Future’. Seoul CEC aims to impact the policymaking process enabling the international society and global leaders to better deal with the most pressing challenges of our time, climate change. Annually world’s leading experts, business leaders and policy makers have been invited to discuss and exchange thoughts on combating climate change issues and developing climate resilient society. Seoul CEC is the only international conference in Korea that employs interdisciplinary methods specifically focusing on climate change and energy issues.

Axel Timmermann gave a presentation on ‘Climate change, sea level rise, human migration and food insecurity – four interconnected challenges of the 21st Century’ during the plenary session on ‘Trajectories of Earth Climate System: Where Are We Heading and What Needs to Be Done?”. He gave an overview presentation on the effect of increasing CO2 emissions, on sea level rise, ocean acidification and global warming. He discussed the effect of temperature thresholds in major crops and the projected decrease of global crop yields of about 10% / 1 Celsius global mean temperature rise. Looking at emerging droughts in some areas, sea level rise and food insecurity, Axel further discussed the issue of climate-induced migration and hotspot areas.