2019 ICCP Internship Program

On 11 June 2019, Patrick Kim of Busan Foreign School, who has been part of the ICCP Internship program since January 2019, had his final presentation. 

Through this internship program, he learned the basics of supercomputing and analyzing climate model data using outputs from the high resolution climate model experiments being run on ICCP’s own supercomputer, Aleph. These data were post-processed and turned into effective scientific visualizations using the ‘ParaView’ application. His internship  program was conducted as a one-to-one mentorship system with a scientist, Dr. Dipayan Choudhury, Postdoctoral Research Fellow at ICCP. It was a great opportunity for Patrick to get a first hand experience of working in the field of climate science and get able feedback from his mentor.

In his final presentation, he demonstrated the capabilities of the ParaView software and the many possibilities arising from high resolution climate model simulations. For instance, he showed how the propagation of tropical instability waves in the eastern tropical Pacific were captured in the model. Using ParaView, he also presented movies of the evolution of sea ice cover in the Arctic and the flow of major ocean currents such as the Gulf Stream, Agulhas and Kuroshio currents. His movies reaffirm the potential of high resolution climate model experiments in improving our understanding of the climate system.

Patrick’s movies have been uploaded on ICCP webpage: https://ibsclimate.org/research/animations/

One of the high resolution climate model simulations from the Internship program