Kyung-Sook Yun

Assistant Research Fellow


Phone: +82-51-510-7692

Research Interests

  • Trans-basin SST variability
  • Climate variability
  • Monsoon-ENSO relationship


2010 Ph. D, Atmospheric Science, Pusan National University
2007 M. S., Atmospheric Sciences, Pusan National University
2005 B. S., Atmospheric Sciences, Pusan National University

Work Experience

2017 Present Assistant Research Fellow, IBS Center for Climate Physics
2015 2016 Research professor, Research Center for Climate Science, Pusan National University
2014 2015 Research professor, Pusan National University
2010 2017 Postdoctoral fellow, Pusan National University

Fellowships, Awards, and Honors

2012 Outstanding Achievement Academic Award for young atmospheric scientist, from President of Korean Meteorological Society


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