Kyung-Ja Ha

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Phone: +82-51-510-7860

Research Interests

  • Climate physics & climate change sciences
  • Monsoon dynamics
  • Planetary boundary layer modeling
  • Hydroclimate
  • Tropical-extratropical interaction


1992 Ph.D. Atmospheric Sciences, Yonsei University, Korea
1984 M.S. Meteorology, Seoul National University, Korea
1982 B.S. Earth Sciences, Pusan National University, Korea

Work Experience

2022 present President of Korean Meteorological Society
2021 present Executive editor, Climate Dynamics
2021 2021 Senior vice President of Korean Meteorological Society
2020 present Chair, Local Advisory Committee of 2024 Asia Oceania Geosciences Society
2020 present Advisory committee, Presidential Advisory Council on Science and Technology
2018 present Board member, The Busan National Science Museum
2018 2020 Vice-president, Korea Geoscience Union
2018 2020 Co-chair, Local Advisory Committee of 2020 Asia Oceania Geosciences Society
2017 present Chair, Environmental Safe Division, Advisory Committee for National Life Science, KOFST
2017 present WMO/WWRP Monsoon Panel, co-chair of Expert Team on Climate Impact on Monsoon Weather
2017 present Editor, the Earth and Environmental Sciences section of the board, Nature Scientific Report
2017 2018 Committee member of Expert Committee on Energy and Environment, Korea National Science and Technology Council
2016 present Fellow, The Korean Academy of Science and Technology(KAST). Member of Steering committee on Science division of KAST
2016 present Member, Korea committee of “Future Earth”, ICSU
2016 2017 Vice-president, Korean Meteorological Society, Korea
2016 2017 Lead Guest editor, special issue on “Asian Monsoon climate change”, Asia-Pacific Journal of Atmospheric Sciences
2014 present Director, Research Center for Climate Sciences, PNU, Korea
2014 present Lead author, chapter 10, Korean Climate Change Assessment Report
2012 2013 Vice-president, Korean Meteorological Society, Korea
2012 Committee, East Asian Climate(EAC)
2011 2017 Principal Investigator, Global Research Laboratory on ”Global monsoon climate change”, Korea national research foundation
2011 2014 Board member, APEC Climate Center, Busan, Korea
2010 Lead author, chapter 5, Korean Climate Change Assessment Report
2008 present Editor, Atmospheric Oceanic Sciences Letter, IAP/China Academy of Science
2008 Editor in Atmospheric Science, Vol 16, Advances in Geosciences, World Scientific
2008 Chair of subdivision on fundraising, Local Advisory Committee of 2008 Asia Oceania Geosciences Society
2006 2009 President of a branch for Busan & Kyungnam region, The -Association of Korean Women Scientists and Engineering
2005 2011 Auditor, APEC Climate Center, Busan, Korea
2004 2005 Chief of education committee of Korean Meteorological Society
2004 2014 Board Member of Korean Meteorological Society
2004 2007 Minister Advisory Committee of Ministry of Science & Technology
2003 2009 Director of Busan Women in Scientist and Engineers (Busan WISE) Center
2002 2005 Courtesy prof. of COAS, Oregon State Univ. USA
2002 2004 Director, Women’s studies Center, Pusan National University, Korea
2000 2003 Editor in chief, editorial board of “Atmosphere”, bulletin of Korean Meteorological Society
1999 2000 Visiting assistant professor at College of Ocean & Atmospheric Sciences (COAS)/OSU (supervisor: Prof. Larry Mahrt), USA
1996 Visiting scholar CSRP at Texas A&M University (work with Prof. Gerald North), USA
1994 present Prof. of Atmospheric Sciences, Pusan Nat. Univ., Korea
1993 post-doctoral position at MRI/JMA, Japan (supervisor: Tatsushi Tokioka)
1984 1985 Research assistant at Yonsei University

Fellowships, Awards, and Honors

2022 Excellent Scientist, Korea Nobel Science Award
2021 64th Busan Cultural Award
2019 Honor Award, Minister, Ministry of Science and ICT
2019 Unjae Academy Award, Korean Meteorological Society
2016 Editor contribution award, IAP/CAS, China
2012 National medal for Science and Technology, Korea Ministry of Science, Technology, and Education
2012 The 11th Busan Science & Technology Award, Busan City, Korea
2011 Korea 100 top researcher award, National Science & Technology Council
2011 The premium professor award, Pusan National University, Busan, Korea
2011 Global Research Laboratory fund, Korea National Research Fund, for years of 2011-2017
2008 Best Research Award, Korea Ministry of Education, Science & Technology
2003 Honor Award, Korea Ministry of Science & Technology
2001 Songcheon Award (Best Academic Award), The Korean Meteorological Society


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