악셀 팀머만 Axel Timmermann

Axel Timmermann

Director & Distinguished Professor

Email: timmermann@pusan.ac.kr

Phone: +82-51-510-2890

Research Interests

  • El Niño
  • Human migration and climate
  • Climate/carbon cycle interactions
  • Glacial Dynamics
  • Abrupt Climate Change
  • Sea level rise
  • Ice-sheet instabilities
  • Climate Predictability


1999 Ph.D. Meteorology. University of Hamburg, Germany
1995 M.S. Theoretical Physics. University of Marburg, Germany
1992 B.S. Physics. University of Marburg, Germany

Work Experience

2017 Director of the IBS Center for Climate Physics, Pusan National University
2017 Distinguished Professor, Pusan National University
2009 2016 Full Professor in Physical Oceanography, University of Hawaii
2004 2009 Associate Professor in Physical Oceanography, University of Hawaii
2001 2004 Associate Researcher, IfM-GEOMAR, University of Kiel, Germany
2000 2001 Postdoc, International Pacific Research Center, Hawaii, USA
1998 2000 Postdoc, Royal Dutch Meteorological Institute, the Netherlands
1995 1998 Research Assistant, Max Planck Institute of Meteorology, Hamburg

Fellowships, Awards, and Honors

2023 Highly Cited Research (Cross-Field) of Web of Science, Clarivate Analytics
2022 Highly Cited Researcher (Environment and Ecology) of Web of Science, Clarivate Analytics
2021 Highly Cited Researcher (Environment and Ecology) of Web of Science, Clarivate Analytics
2020 Highly Cited Researcher (Environment and Ecology) of Web of Science, Clarivate Analytics
2019 Highly Cited Researcher (Cross-Field) of Web of Science, Clarivate Analytics
2018 Highly Cited Researcher (Cross-Field) of Web of Science, Clarivate Analytics
2018 Scientist of the Year by the Korean Science Journalist Association
2017 Milankovic Medal of the European Geosciences Union
2015 Elected Fellow of the American Geophysical Union
2015 University of Hawaii, Regents' Medal for Excellence in Research
2007 Rosenstiel Award of the Rosenstiel School for Marine and Atmospheric Science (RSMAS), Miami


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