Winners or losers? How will climate change affect reptiles, and how do we know?

Online seminar by Prof. Shai Meiri from Tel Aviv University

09 August 2023
KST 15:00 – 16:00

Join us online: Meeting ID: 872 4841 1763 Passcode: 378446

Climate change is one of the main drivers of the decline in global biodiversity. Reptiles are particularly vulnerable to the environmental pressures associated with climate change and global warming, which disrupt their natural ecosystems, affecting their geographical distribution and sustainability.  A significant decline in the abundance and richness of reptile species has been observed globally in the recent times, implying the need to understand the effect of climate change on their natural habitats in detail. This talk focuses on mapping reptile distributions and using them to assess conservation needs, emphasising the potential impact of future climate change.