Use of AI deep learning for climate forecasts

Seminar by Prof. Jing-Jia Luo from Nanjing University of Information Science & Technology

20 December 2023
KST 14:00 – 15:30

The Seminar is being held in Room 1010 (Jasmin) – Integrated mechanical engineering building. Click here for the campus map.

AI machine learning has attracted more and more attentions for climate science in recent years with expanding applications to many areas. In this talk, I will briefly present our recent progresses on using various deep learning methods for seasonal-to-multi-seasonal predictions of ENSO, the Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD), summer precipitation in China and East Africa, Arctic sea ice cover, ocean waves, as well as the bias correction and downscaling of dynamical model’s forecasts. The results suggest that many popular deep learning methods, such as convolutional neural networks, residual neural network, long-short term memory, ConvLSTM, multi-task learning, cycle-consistent generative adversarial networks and vision transformer, can be well applied to improve our understanding and prediction of weather-climate phenomena. A brief discussion and perspective on the fusion of machine learning and physics will also be presented.