The universality of biological mass scaling

Online seminar by Dr. Ian Hatton from McGill University, Montreal, Canada

29 June 2023
KST 09:30 – 10:30

Join us online: Meeting ID: 859 9302 7442 Passcode: 575707

The most striking and regular patterns in biology are mass scaling relations or mass distributions. These patterns span the tree of life, from bacteria to whales, as well as multiple levels of distinct organization, from ribosomes to whole biomes. This means that the mass of a cell, an individual, or a community can provide powerful predictions of the most vital processes. An understanding of these patterns allow general predictions for model forecasting of Earth’s processes. I will provide a brief overview of scaling relations and a survey of body mass scaling (allometry), including energy use, growth and reproduction, abundance and mortality. I will also highlight links as well as other scaling patterns at other levels of organization including cells, ecosystems and the global ocean. I will try to highlight possible links between these patterns, as well as discuss their implications for theoretical ecology and applications to climate modeling.