The role of Spiciness in Tropical Pacific Decadal Variability: Preliminary Results from the CESM Large Ensemble

Seminar by Prof. Niklas Schneider from University of Hawaii

10 June 2024
KST 10:00 – 11:00

The Seminar is being held in Room 1010 (Jasmin) – Integrated mechanical engineering building. Click here for the campus map.

Tropical Pacific decadal variability (TPDV) has been a persistent research topic for over two decades. Despite this long-standing interest, the underlying ocean dynamics determining the timescale and associated variance remain uncertain. This is due to, in part, the short observational record, less than three decades for subsurface ocean observations by the Argo array, and the dearth of analyses of long-climate model simulations to quantify what are, by all accounts, subtle signals associated with TPDV related ocean dynamics. In this talk we review why spiciness may be an important driver of TPDV and show preliminary results on the role of spiciness in TPDV as simulated by a Large Ensemble Integration of the Community Earth System Model.