Impact of future Antarctic ice sheet discharge on Southern Hemisphere climate

Seminar by Dr. Fabian Schloesser from International Pacific Research Center

10 October 2018
KST 11:00 – 12:00

Future Antarctic ice sheet (AIS) iceberg and meltwater discharge could substantially exceed present levels, even in projections with little AIS contribution to global sea level rise. Here, a coupled climate/iceberg model of intermediate complexity is used to explore the potential impact of AIS melting on future climate scenarios. The meltwater forcing causes a cooling concentrated in Southern Hemisphere (SH) mid and higher latitudes. This cooling increases with increasing forcing amplitude, however, the rate of cooling per unit forcing is reduced. In more extreme AIS melting scenarios, strong meltwater discharge offsets substantial portions of the projected greenhouse warming by 2100 CE in parts of the SH. These findings document the importance of considering climate/ice-sheet coupling for future climate and sea level projections.

Bei altersteilzeit im blockmodell erfolgt die anteilige kürzung sowohl während der arbeits- als auch während der freistellungsphase.