Global lake responses to climate change

Online seminar by Dr. Iestyn Woolway from University of Reading

15 November 2021
KST 16:00 – 17:00

Join us online:

Lakes are a critical natural resource that contain a large majority of Earth’s accessible surface freshwater, support important biodiversity and provide many benefits to people around the world. However, lakes are critically susceptible to the effects of climate change, in particular the increase in global temperatures. Climatic warming can have a dramatic influence on the physical environment of lakes, including a decline in lake ice cover, a warming of lake surface water temperature, a strengthening of thermal stratification, and increasing evaporation rates, with knock-on effects on lake water level and extent. Ultimately, the physical environment of lakes is responding dramatically to a warming world. In this talk, I will discuss the response of these key physical lake variables to climate change.