CESM2 Large Ensemble Online Workshop

Dates: 11 – 13 Nov, 2020

The ICCP will be hosting an online workshop on early results with the first 50 members of the CESM2 Large Ensemble over three days (November 11th-13th).  Approximately 30 participants have been invited to participate with early-access to the output, reflecting a partnership between ICCP in Busan and CESM, with research topics spanning extreme events to climate dynamics to biogeochemistry.  The main objectives of the Workshop are to facilitate novel research findings through coordinated early-access to the CESM2 Large Ensemble output, and to promote new interdisciplinary research collaborations.  The Workshop structure consists of both presentation and discussion sessions over the course of the three days.  Participation of early career (student/postdoctoral-level researchers) is being promoted as part of the workshop.

The workshop organizers are Keith Rodgers, Senior Research Fellow at the ICCP (krodgers@pusan.ac.kr) and Malte Stuecker, Assistant Professor at the University of Hawaiiʻ at Mānoa (stuecker@hawaii.edu).