CESM2 LE 2020 Workshop Data Requests

The CESM2 LE 2020 Workshop is planned to occur online during the week of Nov. 9th to Nov. 13th 2020. The 100-member CESM2 LE started running in early 2020 on the new IBS Cray CX50 in South Korea, as part of a partnership between the IBS Center for Climate Physics (ICCP) in Busan South Korea and the CESM Community. Although it is expected that the runs will finish in December 2020, having 60 members available by September 2020 affords an opportunity to organize a workshop in November through early-access of the existing runs to foster collaborative research leading to transformational research projects.  

The workshop will encompass both oral presentations with preliminary results and discussion sessions, envisioned at this stage to last three days. The organization of the presentations will need to take into account both scientific content and time zone, and we will do our best to work with you to do this optimally once we have your feedback. At this stage, we are anticipating participation from East Asia (South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, China), Australia, North America (including Hawaii), and Europe (Italy, Switzerland). Project ideas have already been discussed and initiated with a number of you by the workshop organizers (Keith Rodgers and Malte Stuecker). Once we have a final tally of those interested, the session structure will be determined and shared with participants. Equally importantly, we will prioritize optimizing the process of accessing the data in a timely manner (aimed at early September).

To that end, we are in the process of coordinating with researchers at NCAR to distribute data that has already been transferred to a server in the US. Distribution of early-release data intended for workshop participation will be managed through the Climate Data Gateway (CDG) (https://www.earthsystemgrid.org). This will be done through project-specific data access via password enabled access. Data access will comply with Section 3 of the CESM data management and data distribution plan (http://www.cesm.ucar.edu/management/docs/data.mgt.plan.2011.pdf) where it is stated: “Any person wishing to make use of Experiment data before [the reference paper has been submitted] should communicate directly with the PIs [Keith Rodgers and Axel Timmermann] about access to the data. In this circumstance, it is anticipated that the PIs will be offered co-authorship of any published results, if they wish”. It is also anticipated here that the team of three people that have made the runs possible (Sun-Seon Lee at ICCP in Busan, and Nan Rosenbloom and Jim Edwards at NCAR) should also be offered co-authorship on these early-access projects that are part of the workshop.  We also encourage collaborative overtures that benefit early-career scientists at the ICCP, and any questions in this direction should be directed to the project PIs

The questionnaire below is intended to provide information for project review, to provide information for organizing sessions and logistics, but also to open communication to prevent overlap. To the extent possible, details of the model output fields needed for your analysis from the list of variables: http://www.cesm.ucar.edu/projects/community-projects/LENS2/variable-list/ will be needed.  

Clicking “submit” on this form will result in an email being forwarded to the Workshop organizers (Keith and Malte), who will then coordinate with Nan Rosenbloom and Jim Edwards at NCAR to make the data available. Your project title and description will be treated as confidential, and prior to the final posting of the Workshop agenda (which will be password protected) will only be viewed by the Workshop Organizers (Keith and Malte), the IBS/NCAR Project PIs (Keith Rodgers, Axel Timmermann, Gokhan Danabasoglu, and Clara Deser), NCAR support (Nan Rosenbloom and Jim Edwards), and ICCP support (Elke Zeller).

We are looking to working with you and the exciting science coming out of this,

Workshop Organizers: Keith Rodgers, IBS Center for Climate Physics (krodgers@pusan.ac.kr) Malte Stuecker, University of Hawaii (stuecker@hawaii.edu)

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