Byeong-Hee Kim

PhD Student


Phone: +82-51-510-7855

Research Interests
  • Global warming
  • Hydrological Cycle
  • Natural variability


2014 M. S., Atmospheric Sciences, Pusan National University
2012 B. S., Atmospheric Environmental Sciences, Pusan National University


International Journals

  1. Chu, Jung-Eun, Kyung-Ja Ha, June-Yi Lee, Bin Wang, Byeong-Hee Kim and Chung Eddy Chul, 2014 : Future Change of the Indian Ocean Basin-Wide and Dipole Modes in the CMIP5, Climate Dynamics, DOI : 10.1007/s00382-013-2002-7, 43(1-2), 535-551.
  2. Kim, Byeong-Hee and Kyung-Ja Ha, 2015: Observed changes of global and western Pacific precipitation associated with global warming SST mode and Mega-ENSO SST mode, Climate Dynamics, DOI : 10.1007/s00382-015-2524-2, 45(11), 3067-3075.
  3. Kim, Byeong-Hee and Kyung-Ja Ha, 2017: Changes in equatorial zonal circulations and precipitation in the context of the global warming and natural modes, Climate Dynamics, online published, DOI : 10.1007/s00382-017-3819-2.

Domestic Journals

  1. Moon, Hyejin, Byeong-Hee Kim, Hyoeun Oh, June-Yi Lee, and Kyung-Ja Ha, 2014 : Future change using the CMIP5 MME and Best models:Ⅰ. Near and long term future change of temperature and precipitation over East Asia, Atmosphere, 24(3), 403-417. (In Korean)
  2. Kim, Byeong-Hee, Hyejin Moon, and Kyung-Ja Ha, 2015 : Future change using the CMIP5 MME and Best models: Ⅱ. The thermodynamic and dynamic analysis on near and long-term future climate change over East Asia, Atmosphere, 25(2), 249-260. (In Korean)