Assistant/Associate Researcher position – Deep Future climate modeling

Assistant/Associate Researcher position – Deep Future climate modeling

Project: Longterm planetary habitability 

Employer: IBS Center for Climate Physics (ICCP);

Location: Pusan National University, Busan, South Korea

Education Level: PhD

Job type: Assistant/Associate Researcher

Salary: starting from 62 million KRW/year (~57,000 USD), depending in experience

Term: Full Time, 3 year, with possibility for renewal

Start date: March 2021, or later

Requirements: PhD in physical oceanography, meteorology, climate sciences, geology, or related field and at least 2 years of postdoc experience.

Applicants are expected to have strong computational skills, excitement to work on a new research subject, a good publication record, curiosity and creativity, and an interest in working in an international and interdisciplinary research environment. 

The main goal of this multidisciplinary research will be to develop longterm earth-system projections beyond the next millennium using a hierarchy of earth system models, including the low-resolution fast version of the Community Earth System Model (CESM) coupled to the Penn State ice-sheet model and CESM2. The research project addresses fundamental questions on the longterm habitability of our planet and the successful candidate will  conduct longterm transient simulations covering the next 100,000 years using various carbon-cycle and extreme forcing scenarios. The research will provide new insights into climate change legacy effects on ice-sheets, global sea level, terrestrial and marine ecosystems.

The IBS Center for Climate Physics (ICCP), ( directed by Dr. Axel Timmermann, is dedicated to advancing the understanding of natural climate variability, man-made climate change and their impacts on the hydrological cycle, regional processes, ice-sheets, and sea level. The ICCP is generously funded through the Institute for Basic Science (IBS) (

Please submit a cover letter, a short statement of your research interests, curriculum vitae, the name of 2 references, and up to three publications to Ms. Jenny Choi ( If you have any further questions regarding this position, please contact Axel Timmermann at

Application deadline: January 31st, 2021